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Dorie Barcus

Dorie was born and raised in Council Bluffs,Iowa. She is happily married to her best friend Jim. She is blessed with three children and seven grandchildren! Dorie is a Psychic/Medium Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Teacher and Mentor. She is also an Intuitive/Mediumship Reader, who works with Tarot and Oracle cards and The Crystal Oracle Board. Dorie owns and runs a Metaphysical shop in Council Bluffs called Dorie's Crystals and Things. Located at 509 S Main Street..


Dorie has always been intuitive, once her mom passed away, her psychic abilities expanded even more. Her mom is her inspiration. She decided to create a Spread Your Wings Oracle Deck. She teamed up with her granddaughter, Zoeie Rain, to make a deck that is good for both children to adults and beginners to seasoned readers. These cards are a coloring deck. By coloring in your own cards, you get to create something unique! They also created The Crystal Oracle Board. It can be used with the card set or on its own. They created a Lenormand Box set, and a Butterfly Pendulum Board. Zoeie did all the art work and Dorie did the intuitive part. Dorie also created a Crystal Information Deck (can be used as Oracle cards as well) and a Spread Your Wings Journal. They have a few other projects up their sleeves they are working on.


Dorie also made a couple of Workshops From the Heart workbooks. Tarot Made Easier and Learning to Trust Your Gut Intuition. These booklets are what she teaches in her workshops in the shop. There are a couple more in the making for these also.

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