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Bubbling up

This what I say personally - you can tweak it to your own words

GOD, Angels, Spirit Guides, please remove any and all energies not for my highest good. Please send to the recycled Universe.

As you say this, do a sweeping down motion on the front and back of your body with your hands.

GOD, Angels, Spirit Guides, please surround me with the White Light (or a bubble). Only allow love, light, laughter and things for my highest good for myself and those I encounter to enter.

As you say this, do with a circle motion surrounding your body.

This should be done on a daily basis. My favorite time is in the shower - sending things not for my highest good down the drain.

You may want to do again when you are done after work - depending on your job and what energies may have crept in. Not wanting to bring any bad juju home with you.

Sometimes I will feel the need to double or triple bubble - listen to your gut on this. Shopping, concerts, family get togethers, where there will be lots of people (energies). You can make it 3", 6", 9" - there is no limit on how big your bubble needs to be, or how many bubbles.

ALWAYS remove energies not for your highest good before you bubble, you do NOT want to put those energies in your bubble.

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